Cal Forest Nurseries is the largest reforestation nursery in the Pacific Northwest. It produces over 20 million tree seedlings per year for private timber companies, small private landowners, and public agencies throughout the western U.S. and Alaska. The seedlings are grown under contracts, with the seed being provided by the purchaser of the seedlings. Purchasers provide the seed to ensure that the seedlings they plant are from seed which is adapted to the planting site. Seedlings are grown for one season in molded styrofoam containers, then packed and shipped by refrigerated truck to customers.

Cal Forest Nurseries was established in 1978 by Tom Jopson to grow conifer seedlings for reforestation. In 1988, the business was moved to the Scott Valley and was reformed as a partnership between Tom Jopson and Scott Valley rancher, Keith Whipple. The General Manager for Cal Forest is Mitzi McBroom.

Cal Forest Nurseries is a division of Growpro, Inc.